"Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort. There must be the will to produce a superior thing."

- John Ruskin
Epi Chihuahuas is a small kennel situated in the Hawkesbury District, NSW Australia.
At Epi we strive to produce Chihuahuas not only suitable for the show ring, but suitable for the lounge room too. First and foremost, our dogs are our pets and part of the family. It’s simply a privilege that our dogs give it their all in the show ring too. We are a small scale kennel and only breed every so often to increase our show team. 
We breed true to the Chihuahua breed standard set by the ANKC. We are the quiet achievers with a small team of young dogs with promising futures. Established in 2008, our first show dog was a bitch named “Holle” (Ch Cheekychi Must B N Angel). “Holle” was a spectacular introduction to the show scene and has since gone on to become the foundation of Epi.
Our breeding program consists of a lot of research and selection, and we are proud to say that with the very few puppies registered under the Epi prefix, we have amassed such wins as Class in Shows, Class in Specialty Shows, Royal Challenges, Royal Puppy of Breeds, Classes in Group, Sweepstakes wins and Australian Champions.

We are forever grateful to our breed mentors Kris Finch of Kfinch Chihuahuas and Kylie Sunman of Voncronan Chihuahuas.  
Epi is a Dogs NSW registered, responsible, and reputable breeder of pedigree Chihuahuas.

Our dogs are featured in TV commercials and Magazine Editorials.

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