Adopting an Epi Chihuahua means you are committing yourself to over fifteen years of love, joy, laughs and happiness in the form of a small furry being. Our Chihuahuas are known for being spunky, happy, loving and loyal. 

Our puppies are always the result of a long anticipated litter. Epi puppies have some of the most influential Chihuahuas in the country behind them, and are out of Champion, Grand Champion, Supreme Champion and imported lines. 

All breedings at Epi are undertaken with upmost quality and soundness in mind. Our litters are infrequent and are planned months in advance. Litters are never bred for a profit, they are only bred to improve on the breed and to expand our show team. 

Our babies are raised in a family environment (we do not have kennels) and are extensively socialised to make them well adjusted and happy family pets. 

As a vet nurse, health and construction are essential when planning a litter which is why we only breed from patella graded 0/0 dogs. All of our dogs are health tested at the time of their yearly injections, and we exclusively raise and feed our dogs on Royal Canin.

Currently available: Updated March 2020
We do not have any puppies available and will not be breeding in 2020.